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Information is the key to better decision-making. We will keep you informed via email, newsletters and will conduct seminars to ensure our Home Owners are prepared in advance for important milestones.

Pre Delivery Orientation

Seminars begin November 2013

In this information session, your Customer Relations and Warranty Service team will guide you through the PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) process and what to expect.

Prior to your date of possession, our Warranty Service Representative will guide you through an inspection of your new Home. At this time you should identify any damaged, incomplete or missing items, along with anything that is not working properly. All of these items will be recorded on the PDI form documenting the conditions that existed prior to your move-in. If you are unable to assess something because it has not been installed, completed or cleaned, this should also be noted on your PDI form. This will be your first opportunity to view your new home in its finished state, and is also the perfect time to learn how to use its operating systems such as ventilation, plumbing, heating and electrical. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like about your new Home.

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